Monthly Archives: June 2012


Well I guess we are doing the backpacking thing!  We have been accumulating the gear slowly as things go on sale.  Will not buy anything full price since this crap is expensive!  I will create a new tab for our gear list so you can see what we have going on.  It’s been fun!  We have also been testing out the freeze dried meals.  Not too bad although the ingredients are definitley questionable.  I guess when you hike 15 miles and set up camp, you would eat your arm off if you were hungry enough.  I think so far our favorite is chicken teriyaki.  Chili Mac was okay but I think we need to let it soak in the hot water longer- the noodles were still a bit crunchy- LOL!  Next up I believe we have sweet and sour pork to test.  Here is a picture of the Chili Mac:


Oops it’s sideways.  Oh well!  And here is a picture of Dennis trying out his new sleeping bag:


We got some good hiking/backpacking boots at the REI scratch and dent sale (used gear).  Will be testing those this weekend!

More to come!