July 4th

I had a 5 day weekend for July 4th since it fell on a Wednesday this year.  YEEHAW!  I made major hiking plans and will post each day separately so I don’t confuse myself.  It was a wonderful and fabulous time.  I just love being away from people and I was sad every day when it was over as we made our way back into civilization.

July 4th we hiked the whole of Penasquitos canyon which, according to my garmin, ended up being about 12.5 miles.  Simone came with us on this one.  We started about 6:30am and it took us 5.5 hours.  Marine layer the whole time which was actually nice.  Pico walked the whole way by himself- he is amazing! Lots of poison oak- nice picture of a good sized thatch of it below.  The last picture below is a grave of the only person known to have been buried in Penasquitos valley although lots of people lived down there in the 1800’s.  We saw a coyote and shortly after that, some ambulence sirens went off and the whole hillside where we were started echoing with coyote howling.  Very eery to hear that during the day! 



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