July 6th

Friday we hiked the Lake Poway Loop and Mt. Woodson.  This was just shy of 9 miles and took us about 4.5 hours.  We started off ready to have another great hike and we had let Pico off the leash and were just strolling along minding our business.  This lady came up behind us and reprimanded us for having Pico off leash.  Yes, it is the law to have leashed pets.  Yes, we were taking a chance with it and it’s a “No-No” but this lady was obnoxious!  First she tried to use the scare tactic of rattlesnakes and then fines if a ranger caught us.  When she was done with her tirade I just said “Okay have a great day!”  Then she took it to the next level and shook her head at us and said “Just be more responsible for your pet.”  So then for the next few miles I was pissed and called her all kinds of derogatory names.  Then I said a prayer for her and let it go.  Anyway, we did put Pico back on the leash since there ended up being too many people and dogs around anyway.  So aside from that it turned out to be a fabulous hike.  It was very difficult and the marine layer burned off and it got VERY hot.  Pico made it to the top of the mountain, bless his heart, and then we took turns carrying him down.  We (meaning I) look pretty wrecked in these pictures so be warned!


2 responses to “July 6th

  1. Is that a baby you’re carrying . . . Oh, waite, it’s a dog . . . Lol . . . Oooops, my bad.

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