July 7th- Oh isn’t it great to be……..hiking the PCT!!!!!

Saturday we really went after the adventure.  We drove out to Warner Springs to find the Pacific Crest Trail and it was interesting just trying to find the thing!  Dennis was grouchy and irritated because he was so tired.  We did these hikes right after he got done working the graveyard shifts which is why the early start times.  Then he would go home and sleep.  Anyway, this last day he was REALLY tired and all this hiking and not sleeping was getting him down.  We finally found the PCT markers- very obscure and difficult to find.  Then we parked in a turn-out on the side of the road with our adventure pass posted in the windshield.  Off we went!  I was thrilled and excited to be out on the PCT for the first time!  No marine layer out here though so things got very toasty very fast.  We originally planned to walk 4 miles out and 4 back but we had to turn around at 3.5 miles because the trail was so overgrown we couldn’t get through.  So the total ended up being 7 miles and it took us 3.5 hours.  Pico made it halfway and then we had to carry him back because it was so frickin HOT.  We had to stop every few minutes to rest it was so hot.  The last 1/2 mile seemed to take FOREVER.  When we were done, we saw the temp was 90 degrees! We stopped at Don’s market in Julian and got ice cold drinks.  So good.  Here’s some pictures- we (meaning I) look pretty delirious from the heat so warning!



2 responses to “July 7th- Oh isn’t it great to be……..hiking the PCT!!!!!

  1. I think you look pretty good, concidering the heat factor . . . way to go champ!

  2. When are you guys (You, Dennis, & Pico) hiking the PCT? Are you gonna do it all at once or in sections?

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