Mt. Laguna

We walked 10 miles out at Mt. Laguna yesterday.  Wow, it’s beautiful up there!  Alot more pine trees than I was expecting.  We started at an unknown trail head.  Originally we were going to start at the Penny Pines Trailhead but Dennis felt uncomfortable leaving the truck on the shoulder of the road so he wanted to park at Laguna Campground.  Well we couldn’t figure out where the parking was or where we were supposed to pay the day use fee so we ended up at a random trailhead that I had seen further down the road.   So the start was a little irritating.  We need to get our starting points figured out a little better.  We walked about 4 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail and it was so cool because we got to see where the trees  stopped and the Anza Borrego desert began.  Great desert veiws!  We saw trash, toilet paper, and a pair of thong underwear too.  Kind of gross.  Then we actually ended up at the Penny Pines Trailhead because the PCT connected to the Big Laguna Trail.  We walked along that for about 6 miles.  Nice wooded areas, easy trail, past Big Laguna Lake.  It got pretty hot the last few miles though and we ended up carrying Pico about half the way.  I was worried we wouldn’t be able to find the truck again because Big Laguna Trail kept branching off into all these little offshoot trails but Dennis has pretty good navigation skills and we made it back.  We were hot and wiped out and that truck was a vision! We stopped at the Laguna store to get gatorade on the way out because we both drank all our water (2 liters each).  I wish they had slurpees!  This little store is where we will stop to get snacks next April when we walk Section A of the PCT (110 miles from Campo to Warner Springs). 

Here’s some pictures:


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  1. Who’s dat awesome island boy wid da cool hat?

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