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A few pictures from NM


New Mexico- The Land of Enchantment

We went to New Mexico last week and had a very nice time.  It was our first stay at a Bed and Breakfast: There were some pros and cons to this first experience.  First of all, we drove from San Diego to Flagstaff and stayed the night there.  No hurry, just mosying along.  We really liked Flagstaff.  The next day we drove Flagstaff to Edgewood, NM- not alot of interesting scenery.  There were some cool rocks and mountains along the way but mainly just flat desert.  I was expecting more I guess! We got to the B&B and Pico immediately took a giant dump on the owner’s living room floor (wood).  She seemed okay with it at first and we expressed our extreme humiliation and were very apologetic.  We had a 2 bedroom cabin all to ourselves on the back portion of the property so very secluded and relaxing.  The next morning we made our way up to the main house for breakfast.  The owner was very upset with us because she felt that Pico had stained her wood floor with his poop.  She had to point it out to me because I couldn’t find the stain on my own- looked like a regular wood floor to me!  Hmmmm.  We offered a damage fee and nothing was decided upon so we went about eating kind of an awkward breakfast.  She did join us for coffee though and told us all about New Mexico.  That’s one thing we wouldn’t have gotten at a regular hotel- lots of information about the area.  That first day we went to the top of Sandia Peak (11,000 feet).  Views were spectacular but we didn’t stay long because Dennis felt woozy from the altitude.  Then we went into Albuquerque and messed around. We didn’t feel a good connection with Albuquerque.  The next day we went into Santa Fe and found it to be more our style although the B&B owner had told us that fancy artsy fartsy people lived there. I felt pretty comfortable in Santa Fe.  Seemed alot like La Jolla or Del Mar to me.  The jewelry was too expensive though so I didn’t get any neat turqoise pieces.  When we got back, the B&B owner had found a little dog crap behind the cabin table and left us a note to keep a closer eye on Pico.  UGH.  Really, Pico is not an inside pooper normally, I promise.  Our last day we went into Old Town and walked around for awhile and then went out in search of the petroglyphs.  Had a hard time finding them and ended up at the open space preserve instead where some very nice but gungho volunteers tried to convince us to move to NM.  Dennis didn’t want to see petroglyphs after that so we headed back.  I think he was ready to go back to San Diego!  Me too.  We ended up giving the B&B owner $80 for Pico’s pooping fiasco.  We stayed in Flagstaff again on the way back.  It was an enjoyable, relaxing vacation however I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to New Mexico.  It’s called the Land of Enchantment but I don’t feel like it was very enchanting.  It just didn’t sit right with me somehow.  Maybe it was just the pooping drama that made it weird.

Next adventure- camping for the first time in almost 30 years!