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New Blog

I’ve decided to switch over to blogspot for my blogging needs instead of WordPress.  Seems like it’s more technologically savvy and better compatible with using GPS systems and downloading pictures etc.  I’m in the process of transferring my content over to the new blog so here is the new address if you want to follow along….


More Camping Pictures!

Camping at William Heise!

Camping was a resounding success this Labor Day weekend.  William Heise campground is a very nice park.  I think it’s probably one of the nicest in the county.  I like because of the strictly enforced 10pm quiet curfew.  We did have screaming kids in the next site over and a site that had loud laughers but it was a holiday weekend and you gotta expect a certain amount of noise (but I really don’t like kids).

I was able to stay low carb eating all weekend.  We had sausage and eggs every morning for breakfast, cold cuts wrapped in lettuce for lunch, hamburgers, hotdogs, and chili for dinners.  Snacks were nuts, hummus, red bell peppers, etc.  All that kept quite nicely in the cooler.

We didn’t do near the hiking I wanted to because it was SO hot!  Not just hot but the humidity is what really made me feel sluggish and low energy.

We were able to test out some of our backpacking gear.  We made coffee using the starbucks instant coffee Via packets and our JetBoil stove.  That thing is a gem!  I love it!  Our sleeping bags were super toasty and my sleeping pads were very comfy.  I have a foam one and a self inflating one because I have sleep issues.  Dennis only has a foam one and he believes he should also get a self inflating pad because his back was hurting pretty good by the time we were done.  The tent is fabulous.  It has 2 doors so when I have to pee 15 times during the night, I don’t have to climb over Dennis.

I don’t think Pico enjoyed camping.  He didn’t know what to do with all the extra unfamiliar stimuli.  I was proud of his little guard dog abilities though.  There were a million kids in the next site over and they were running amuck, screaming and being the Satan’s spawn that kids are.  One of them thought it would be cool to run through our campsite and Pico took off after him like a bat out of hell.  Chased that kid all the way back over to his campsite.  I could hear them saying Bad dog, bad dog, and one kid says Did he bite you?  No he didn’t but he sure scared the crap outta that kid.  Love it.  Bad kid, Bad kid….

Dennis and I worked well together.  For the most part, accepting each other’s little quirks and just choosing to not be irritated.  We did fine until the very end when we were packing up and Dennis was yelling at me to PULL PULL the stupid tarp. I yelled back OKAY OKAY I’M PULLING!  Reminded us of the episode of Friends when they are trying to carry a couch up a staircase and Ross is yelling PIVOT PIVOT.  LOL.  Then when we got home Dennis got mad at me for scraping the truck mirror in some bushes.  Oh well, can’t win them all.  He has some OCD issues with packing/unpacking and also was a bit of a hygiene nazi.  I asked him if my behavior was okay or if there was anything annoying that rubbed him the wrong way since I have been told I can be condescending :-p but he said he was okay with my behavior.  The point is, I think we’ll be okay backpacking together as long as we keep our little issues from overlapping onto the other person.

Enjoy some pictures!

Dennis attempting to light a fire using dryer lint and a flint: